wunderkammer 01

A shelf of anti-souvenirs. This project is about the process of travelling, using past and present narratives as material. The process of my travels has included being lost, feeling foreign (even at home), wandering, collecting, following advice, resisting advice, questioning, and inefficient labour. Curiosity about how this process of feelings and events takes place has led to research into the field of tourism to understand more about the elements of travel, and how it connects to travel or journeys at a metaphysical and metaphoric level. Research into this field involves placing myself within a history of travel, and illuminates aspects of the travel experience such as the search for authenticity, collecting souvenirs, and the gaze, which has been shaped over time by conventions and discourses encouraged by the tourism industry.

Photographs by Peter Morgan – @petrius

Caitlin Hespe, wunderkammer 01, 2017, cardboard, found plastic, found matchboxes, found globe, dimensions variable


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